Las Jaras Waves Red 2021

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Winemaker: Eric Wareheim and Joel Burt

Appellation: Mendocino County, California

Grape Varieties: Zinfandel, Grenache, Counoise, Carignan, Valdigue, 

2021 was a drought year where red grapes had very small berries; this made it challenging to make a light red wine. We used the classic Jules Chauvet version of the carbonic maceration method where the tank is drained of juice daily for most of the lots in this wine – there is really no juice contact with the skins or the stems and the resulting wine is a pure carbonic maceration. This style creates a light wine that doesn’t show the green notes you would otherwise taste. 10ppm SO2 was added after digging out and pressing the tanks and an additional 10ppm was added three weeks before bottling. 25% of this blend was aged in oak, creating a nice balance of warm tones and crunchy fruit. Production: 1900 X 9L cases 375mL

This is our second vintage of the WAVES Red wine. It is a really fun challenge to make a red wine that is perfect for a can. Our goal is to make a feather weight red that is satisfying and perfect to drink ice cold. A little sparkle makes it super lively on the palate. This wine can be enjoyed out of the can or in a glass.