Bizzarro & Mischief Brew Tonic 250ml cans

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You know Bizzarro - our take on an all natural, Australian bitter aperitivo? Well, we're going next level, with a range of insanely delicious canned drinks showcasing just a few of the things Bizzarro can do.

This here is the Bizzarro Tonic – a collaboration with our friends from Mischief Brew Sodas, we’ve blended Bizzarro with their Bengal Tonic to create an all natural, low ABV and insanely delicious canned drink. Grapefruit tang with an earthy, herbaceous edge, the Bizzarro and Mischief Brew Tonic is a completely unique beverage made for straight from the can glugging. Artisan aperitivo, natural soda, exquisite drinking.