Repetition Coffee Colombia / AMACA

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From the Director of Coffee:

The region in Oaxaca where this coffee comes from is remote, dotted with small family farms and rugged terrain.  Many of the people in the region speak Spanish as a second language, if at all, and identify instead as Ixcatecos, Mazatecos, Cuicatecos, Nahuas and Mestizos.  A man by the name of Jaime Guzmán has worked for years with around 40 families to grow and collect their green coffee, pushing for selective picking, and competition-level cup quality.  He usually transports 1-2 bags at a time down the mountains and into a storage warehouse because of how remote the homes are in this region.  In 2020 Mr. Guzmán used some of the coffee funds to purchase shade nets, new raised drying beds, and new sacks for storing parchment. 

Repetition has consistently offered a Mexico, and if you enjoyed our Chiapas offering, we encourage you to give the Oaxaca a try!

The Mexico Oaxaca makes for a tasty, well-rounded cup on batch brew.  As an espresso, notes of citric acidity dance over a sweet, syrupy body.