Repetition Coffee Ethiopia / Tegenge Ocholo 10oz

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From the Director of Coffee:

It's rare to find single-producer lots of coffee in Ethiopia so we are honored to give you this offering from the farm of Mr. Tegenge Ocholo. Mr. Ocholo works on his 27 acre farm in the renowned Yirgacheffe growing region. His hard work supports his wife and 10 children, and he confesses that the love he has for his coffee farm is the same as the one he has for his family!

It does not matter if there is something important to be done on the farm, Tegegne spends all his days on the farm. He says ‘It’s like government workers signing in the morning that they’re in. I do the same, I go and show my presence to my farm as if my footsteps are my signature.

If there is something to do, great, if not, the farm is his park to walk around in and contemplate.

This coffee tastes bright and sweet and most importantly, delicious upon first sip! We are certain that it will make your day.  Roast Ratings awarded it 5 out of 5 stars too!