Repetition Coffee Mexico / Sanson el Duraznal

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From the Director of Coffee:

This coffee comes from our long-time partners at Red Fox, who consistently provide stellar Mexican coffee offerings. This particular coffee is from Oaxaca and stood out on the cupping table with light and fruity notes, while still having all the classic Mexican coffee characteristics of nuts and chocolate. This particular washed process coffee is of the Pluma variety. The Pluma Hidalgo variety, an offshoot of Typica, at elevations as high as 2200 masl, Pluma coffees bring with them a wide range of flavors: distinct dried fruit notes like raisin and prune, saturated sweetness like brown sugar, richness like drinking chocolate, complex malic acidity like green apples, and even florals like amber honey and peach blossom.

Repetition has consistently offered a Mexico, and if you enjoyed our Chiapas offering, we encourage you to give the Oaxaca a try!

This Mexico makes for a tasty, well-rounded cup on batch brew. As an espresso, notes of stone fruit acidity dance over a nutty, chocolate body.