Whitcraft La Rinconada Pinot Noir Magnum

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Winemaker: Drake Whitcraft

Appellation: Sta. Rita Hills

Grape Varietal: Pinot Noir

Grapes come from La Rinconada vineyard, planted in 1997, adjacent to the famous Sanford & Benedict vineyard. Located at the heart of the Sta. Rita Hills, 10 miles inland from the Pacific with flint soils. The east-west orientation of the Santa Ynez Valley provides a pathway to the ocean allowing cool air to be drawn inland and this creates the perfect conditions for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Viticulture across the sites is uncertified organic. Drake describes it as regenerative viticulture which involves building the soil by adding organic matter to make it less prone to erosion; minimising chemical and mechanical disturbance i.e. no tilling and promoting biodiversity and a healthy vineyard ecosystem.

Grapes are handpicked and sorted. They’re lightly trodden by foot allowing carbonic to start. A pied de cuvee made from sampling juice is added to kick start fermentation. The wine is blanketed with CO2 until the cuvee is generating its own. After around three days when the skins start to loosen manual punchdowns are started once or twice per day. After 12 days the cap is lifted and the wine is drained through a sieve, there’s no pumping, everything is by gravity. Free run juice goes to single vineyard cuvees. The wine rests in barrels for around 11 months, 10ppm SO2 added in December. Wines are unfined, clarification is through gentle racking. Bottling is by hand