Chemins de Bassac L'incandescente 2020

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Winemaker: Bruno and Thama Triguerio

Appellation: Puimisson, Languedoc, France

Grape Varieties: Syrah

The grapes are gently pressed and a light debourbage by cold is made. The macerations take place in concrete vats. They are soft and very long, in order to slowly extract color, tannins, and aromas and so that everything harmoniously blends into the wine. The bottlings are done by gravity without filtration or fining, with just a light sulfur addition.

“It felt like the stars aligned,” Bruno Trigueiro smiles when asked about the moment in his life when his brother-in-law approached him with the idea of taking care of a wine estate in France he wanted to invest in. At the time, the current winemaker and co-owner of Chemins de Bassac was suffering from severe migraines and, aided by an anthroposophical doctor, started to consider a change of lifestyle from the busy Sao Paolo architect routine that he and his wife Thama were living. A healthier and more holistic option materialized in 2016, when the couple took their two young daughters and moved to Puimisson, a small village close to the Mediterranean coast, to take care of the newly purchased Chemins de Bassac.