Milan Nestarec Transcendant

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Winemaker: Milan Nestarec

Appellation: Moravia, Czech Republic

Grape Varieties: Regent, Neuburger, Riesling

From the mouth of Milan: It's a rosé, but knowing me, you rightly suspect there's a twist: direct press Regent, added to an open vat with Neuburger and Riesling fermenting on skins.  Neuburger brings richness, Risling the zing and Regent the right savage touch.  All grapes from the Slovenské vineyard, so a true field blend.  Each vintage, I only made one barrel like this: first time in 2017, then in 2018 and 2019. No sulfur use.  Also no topping up, so the 17 and 18 developed some flor which gives the wine a slight nutty note; together with the long, bright acidity, it tastes almost like an untamed, layered white, despite its vivid cherry-like colour.  3 barrels made - minus the cases already traveling to Canada, Switzerland and some local friends.  Each bottle a hand-painted original, as you can see . . .