Union Sacré Belle De Nuit Dry Gewürztraminer

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Winemaker: Xavier Arnaudin

Appellation: Arroyo Seco, California

Grape Varieties: Gewürztraminer

Gewürztraminer is difficult to capture, on the vine it will go from pitch-perfect to over-ripe in a number of hours. As wine, it has an amazingly wide breadth of characteristics that it can display, it can be spice-driven, floral, sweet, bone-chillingly dry, clear, orange or pink. When it is done well it is a thing of rare, fleeting beauty that will last decades, much like the memory of a beautiful woman met once and disappeared.

Union Sacré is an homage to Alsace, France and beauty's odd ability to build unexpected bridges.

These wines are made by two friends from different continents. Union Sacré exists at the meeting of worlds. Made by two long time friends, Xavier and Philip, who arrived at the Central Coast from opposite ends of the Earth. Xavier is a WSET certified, oenology degree holder from France, Philip is a self-taught designer from Michigan who kind of misses living in a van.

Between the two of them, Xavier and Philip have 25+ years experience working in Central Coast wineries. Xavier has been cellar master or assistant winemaker for some of the Central Coasts most luminous wineries. Philip cut his teeth at Proof Wine Collective.