Ver Sacrum Clarete

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Winemaker: Edu Soler
Appellation: Los Chacayes, Argentina
Grape Varieties: Roussanne, Grenache, Syrah
Filtration Method: Light Cartridge Filtration
Maceration / Fermentation: Roussanne and Grenache are co-fermented(15 days) with about 6 hours of skin contact during the press cycle, Syrah direct press and juice is fermented(20 days).
Incredible wine here.  Stunning even.  Eduardo Soler with Ver Sacrum has created high elevation wines in Argentina that continue to stun time and time again.  How does he do it?  Well for starters, he picks early enough to maintain enough acidity and freshness in everything he makes!  If this wine is in stock, please grab one because not a whole lot was made, and it might not be here next time.

Eduardo Soler and two friends started Ver Sacrum in 2012 with the concept of growing and vinifying Rhone Varietals. Their winemaking ethos focuses on fresh, low alcohol, lighter skin contact, native yeast, honest, and easy drinking wines. All grapes are hand harvested and most are foot crushed as they believe in minimum intervention in the vineyards and winery with no corrections, filtration, or pump overs. They currently make wine from two different vineyards in Barrancas, Maipu and Los Chacayes, Uco valley where they have planted Grenache, Monastrell, Carignan, Roussane, Marsanne, Mencia, Syrah, Teroldego, and Nebbiolo. Eduardo is an avid mountaineer who has climbed multiple famous peaks and worked ski patrol in Aspen and Mendoza for many years. He currently manages a small ski resort 2 hours outside of Mendoza. Eduardo came into wine after returning to Mendoza and befriended some of the more adventurous growers who desired to explore the potential of alternative varietals. “When the old sent their young to found new villages, bringing grape vines to start new vineyards, they gave off by a ceremony called the sacred spring or Ver Sacrum. Since then, the Ver Sacrum is a symbol of the new tribe, new art, new vine. We renew this ancient vow, with the audacity create something new. This is our Ver Sacrum”- Eduardo Soler