Broc Cellars Love Sparkling Chenin Blanc

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Winemaker: Chris Brockway

Appellation: Paso Robles, California

Grape Varieties: Chenin Blanc

We use the Petillant Natural method for making our Love Sparkling. For 2020, we left the juice on the skins overnight and pressed into stainless steel tank. We fermented the wine until it reached 15 grams of sugar, then chilled the wine down to stop fermentation and bottled the juice. As it warmed up, fermentation occurred again in bottle. Wine spent 7 months in bottle and was disgorged by hand with no dosage. This is our first year bottling Love Sparkling Chenin Blanc. We wanted to have a sparkling join the Love label. This wine is made to be enjoyed until the last drop. Have fun and drink up. 

Shell Creek Vineyard is located 20 miles from the town of Paso Robles. It has sandy top soil with calcareous fossilized seashells underneath. The vineyard was planted in 1972 by the Stinton Family (who has owned the property since the late 1800’s). Our Chenin Blanc is farmed without the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. The vineyard is in the process of getting organic certification.

At Broc Cellars, all of our wines are made using spontaneous fermentation, a process that means we only use native yeasts and bacteria that exist on the grapes in order to make wine. We don’t add anything – this includes nutrients, yeast, bacteria, enzymes, tannins or other popular fermentation agents. Sulphur is a naturally occurring element in all wine, the amount found can vary. We add little to no S02, depending on the wine and style.