Bronson's Milk Punch

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Resting within each bottle of Bronson's Milk Punch are crisp apples, juicy lemons, zesty ginger and a bouquet of aromatic spices, blended with aged whiskey. Where is the milk, you ask? It is within the bottle and also not within the bottle! It has passed through, leaving behind a clarified punch, brightly refreshing yet softer than fresh butter. Bewildering and bursting with complexity, simply pour a glass and taste for yourself.


In the early 1700s, a mystifying elixir emerged onto the pages of cocktail history. Spirits, citrus, tea, sugar, and spices were combined into a punch to which fresh milk was finally added, resulting in a truly paradoxical alchemy. The milk would be slowly and patiently filtered away from the mixture, binding to millions of tiny opaque particles and sweeping them out until the resulting drink was completely clear. This surprising transformation resulted in a crystalline yet deeply velvety libation which was baffling to the senses and undeniably delicious. It came to be known as clarified milk punch.

This enchanting drink grew in popularity over the following centuries. It eventually captivated even the likes of Benjamin Franklin, who wrote down and shared his own recipes for milk punch, and Charles Dickens, who was a well-known fan of the drink and regularly had bottles resting in his cellar.

Bronson’s Milk Punch is an original recipe born of this traditional methodology. It is genuine clarified milk punch, made with only the best natural ingredients and nothing else. It requires no refrigeration, even after opening, and even benefits from aging! Pour it over ice and enjoy it with a twist of orange peel, or find that it can play beautifully mixed into your own inspired cocktail.