Partida Creus NV Catalunya Massís de Bonastre MUZ 1 Liter Vermouth

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Winemakers: Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerosa

Appellation: Massís de Bonastre, Baix Penedés, Spain

Grape Varieties: Sumoll

Whoah, a natural vermouth!!!  This is from cult Certified Organic producer Partida Creus.  It has a blend of 51 different botanicals including citrus, alpine, local herbs and spices, flowers, roots, etc. all macerated in the wine for some time.  Honestly, this is a proprietary blend that is kept very close to the chest, so details are sketchy at best!  All we know is that it tastes amazing, and makes damn fine spritzs, aperitif cocktails, or simply poured on the rocks.  

The name Partida Creus is a reference to the crosses used to separate holdings back in the day. Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerosa are an italian couple from Piedmont making wines in Massís de Bonastre in the Baix Penedés. They’re recovering old vines in the area, in some cases unwanted and abandoned due to low yields and unknown varietals, farming them organically and producing grapes of extreme quality and concentration. They make natural wines without adding anything in the cellar. Zilch! Native yeast, natural acidity, no sulfur. All of their wines are fresh across the board, high acid/low alcohol.