Angelo Negro “Birbet” (375ml)

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Winemakers: Giovanni Negro

Appellation: Roero, Piedmont, Italy

Grape Varieties: Bragat Rosa (Bruchetto del Roero)

Lightly sparkling, sweet, red dessert wine made from the Brachetto grape. It is a cherry red color with violet hues, with a creamy and persistent foam. Fragrant and aromatic, with notes of fresh strawberry, rose, raspberry and blackberry. 

A historically significant winery whose origins date back to 1670. In this year, two of the estate’s most important vineyards—Perdaudin and Prachiosso—were first planted. With some of the most desired vineyard sites in Roero, Negro is one of the indisputable legends of the region. Giovanni Negro, the estate’s present owner, produced the first dry Roero Arneis on record in 1971. Following tradition, the winery in Monteu Roero now boasts a stunning lineup of Arneis as well as an impressive range of Roero Nebbiolo. Today, Negro observes organic practices while managing a staggering 64 hectares.