Azienda Agricola Cieck Erbaluce

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Winemaker: Remo Falconieri

Appellation: San Giorgio Canavese, Piedmont, Italy

Grape Varieties: Erbaluce

This wine is simply called Erbaluce as it represents the most straightforward expression of our erbaluce grapes.  Aiming to preserve the fruity sensations at their best, the bunches are pressed whole, then the pips, stems and skins are immediately removed.  The must is then cold fermented so that the aromatic and flavor compounds, typical of the fruit, are not lost.  After a few months in stainless steel tanks, the wine is b ottled at the beginning of spring, the year after harvesting.

Young and crisp with firm acid structure!

-Remo Falconieri

Founded in 1985, Cieck is overseen by Remo Falconieri, who humbly accepts his given title as the King of Sparkling Erbaluce (an indigenous white grape variety). The winery was one of the original five producers in San Giorgio Canavese, and a number of other top estates in the area consult with Remo today. Now in his eighties, Remo labors daily in the cellar alongside his daughter, Lia, and Domenico Caretto, producing some of Alto Piemonte’s most elegant Erbaluce. For those yet to discover the ancient grape, Erbaluce is derived from two words:  dawn (“erba”) and light (“luce”). Its name alludes to the striking copper color the grapes assume as the sun hits them on traditional pergola-trained vines.