Bodegas Alvear 3 Miradas Vino de Pueblo

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Winemaker: Envínate and Bodegas Alvear

Appellation: Montilla-Moriles, Spain

Grape Varieties: Pedro Ximénez

This is a collaboration between super classic sherry house Alvear and intrepid winemaking group Envínate!  This wine drinks like a super dry sherry almost, with a little more fruit and plenty of sea salt.  Delicious!

Alvear is one of the most historic wineries in Spain. It is the oldest family owned winery in Spain, the second oldest winery, and the oldest winery in Andalucía, making it the historic producer of sherry style wines produced in Montilla-Moriles, the home of the Pedro Ximénez grape. With the Tres Miradas project, their latest collaboration with the dynamic Envinate team, they hoped to express the terroir of their home, Montilla-Moriles, but without the interference of the ageing process used to produce classic styles of Montilla. These produce some of the best sherry-style wines in Spain, but remove the terroir of the vineyard through the ageing process. With Tres Miradas, they followed the Burgundian classification by producing one village wine, and three single vineyards or "crus."

The 3 Miradas project represents a search for the expression of a terroir historically known as Sierra de Montilla – Calidad Superior. The winemaking approach focuses on the vineyard rather than the aging system used in the winery. This is why the winemakers collaborated closely with growers on selected parcels in the region, planted with old head-trained Pedro Ximénez vines. A learning experience in one of the most important enclaves in the history of Spanish winegrowing.

The project has a viticultural focus, revealing the unique personality of each parcel and how it expresses itself depending on the work of the winegrower and the winemaking process. The wines, both with and without skin contact, all spent eight months under flor in concrete vats at the Lagar de Las Puentes winery.

This edition features three parcels -all with albariza soils, but different in orientation and elevation La Viña de Antoñín, El Garrotal and Cerro Macho.

The wines in the Tres Miradas collection are fermented in tinaja-style vats in accordance with Montilla tradition and are briefly aged in casks, all under the same condition. The mature musts are fermented to 11.5–12.5% alcohol rather than waiting to reach 15% as required for the production of finos. As a rule, yields are low and the vineyard work is carried out with care and respect for the environment. The project will change every year, featuring different vineyards, winemaking techniques, and styles.

Each mirada or “look” is an interpretation of the soil and vineyard, its orientation, climate and elevation. The selected vineyards are La Viña Antoñín, Cerro Macho and El Garrotal.