Borell Diehl Saint Laurent Trocken Rosé

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Winemaker: Annette Borell, Thomas Diehl

Appellation: Pfalz, Germany

Grape Varieties: Saint Laurent

A liter of fresh, medium-pale rosé from the dark-skinned Saint Laurent grape, sustainably dry farmed with no herbicides, no pesticides.

The timbered home that houses this family-owned estate in Hainfeld was built in 1619, but the estate in its current form is far more recent than that. In 1990 Annette Borell and Thomas Diehl married and created Borell-Diehl by joining their families' three wineries into one. Starting with a total of 5 hectares, they have since expanded to 35 hectares of vineyards, all within 5km of Hainfeld, about 1/2 hour drive from Deidesheim. Their holdings are a complex geology of loess, limestone, red sandstone, with deposits of minerally muschelkalk (limestone) in some sites.

Annette and Thomas' oldest son George is now poised to take over leadership at the estate. Having staged at important addresses like Rebholz (Pfalz) Wittmann (Rheinhessen), and Von Volxem (Saar), as well as an internship in New Zealand in 2016, he will continue the winery's focus on quality wines of extraordinary value. All the wines David Bowler imports are from estate-owned vineyards where rigorous crop thinning and hand-harvesting are the norm. In addition, no systemic pesticides or herbicides are used and there is no irrigation in the vineyards. As of 2018, the wines are certified vegan by the European Vegetarian Union. 

Borell-Diehl is our cool, under-the-radar source for bargain Müller-Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay... and recently sparkling Sekt and Pinot Noir!