Broc Cellars Amore Rosso Sangiovese

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Winemaker: Chris Brockway

Appellation: Mendocino County, California

Grape Varieties: Sangiovese

For 2019, we tried something new. We brought the grapes in whole cluster to ferment in stainless tanks. After 2 weeks, we pressed into a combination of sandstone jars and neutral French oak barrels to age. The Sangiovese comes in each year as one of the most expressive grapes throughout harvest - showing beautiful aromas of cinnamon and clove. Amore Rosso is a play on words with our Love Red - the Italian sister. We wanted to make a chillable, accessible, high acid, natural and food friendly (pizza) wine!

Fox Hill Vineyard holds a special place for us at Broc. We first ventured into Italian varieties when we began making our “Badger” wine from the site – our Nero D’Avola. Then came Amore Bianco and Amore Rosso! We are looking to experiment with other varieties for this upcoming 2020 harvest. The vineyard  is located between Hopland and Ukiah. The soil is mostly sandstone, with many rocks and pebbles – quartz is everywhere as well. There is no use of synthetics, chemicals, pesticides or herbicides in the vineyard.