César Márquez Las Firmas Mencia

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Winemaker: César Márquez Pérez

Appellation: Bierzo, Spain

Grape Varieties: Mencia

A star is rising in Bierzo! César Marquez Pérez hails from a family with deep roots in the Bierzo wine region. Historical deeds in the town of Valtuille de Abajo date the ancestral origin of the family in this region to 1752. Cesar’s focus is mainly on micro-vinifications of old-vine Godello and Mencía from parajes (small plots). These parajes yield widely differing characteristics depending on their soil composition (mixtures of sand, clay, decomposed granite and stone) and the orientation and slope of the vineyards. Ultimately, Cesar envisions making single-parcel vinifications and is laying the foundation to map this region in a manner parallel to the Cru appellations of the world.

The Project of the winery includes a region wine, a village wine and several plots within the reds. Parajes represents the region wine and its first vintage appears in 2016. In its preparation grapes from different parts of Bierzo have been used, each plot has been elaborated separately.

The grapes were collected manually, each plot was fermented independently, with the final mixture having around 50% stem.

The grapes are gently stepped on, so that a part of the grapes remains whole in the fermentation, which is carried out spontaneously by the yeast itself without adding any other. The macerations occur between 17 and 60 days of contact.

After pressing, the wine is introduced separately in 225 and 500 liter barrels. After one year, the barrels are emptied and the different plots are assembled.