Chateau Soucherie Chaume

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Winemaker: Franck Merlet

Appellation: Coteaux du Layon, Chaume, Loire Valley, France

Grape Varieties: Chenin Blanc

This is one of the most life changing sweet wines on the planet.  Yes, it is a sweet wine, but Chenin Blanc (like Riesling) has TONS of acidity, making it a well-balanced wine.  Add to that notes of ginger and saffron, and you have yourself quite a complex wine!

The exceptional Chaume vineyard produces the grandest wine of Soucherie. The vineyards border the Layon river and are often swathed in an early morning fog. The soil is clay and schist. The special micro-climate that exists in Chaume creates a tendency for botrytis to develop and the grapes from this vineyard in Chaume are almost always blessed with 100% botrytis. Harvest is done by multiple passes through the vineyard that can frequently cover several weeks of work. The wine is fermented in barrel (about one-third of which is new) and then spends 18 months in barrel for the elevage.