Accenti Wines There After Cabernet Sauvignon Three Gardens

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Winemaker: James Allen

Appellation: Napa Valley, California

Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon

Wild Opulence

Three Gardens is a blend of the three, tiny backyard vineyards we organically farm around Napa Valley. This is the first vintage we farmed the Grant Vineyard in Calistoga. It makes its debut in the blend by adding a complex array of dense black fruit and wild herbal notes. The St. Helena properties of Fintel and Gleason Vineyards contribute a polished opal of classy fruit and structure that melds all the components together seamlessly.

A seemingly simple wine unfolds into an endless landscape of complexity and nuance. More flavors unwind with time as the vibrant acidity keeps the mouth watering and begs for charcuterie, roasted vegetables, duck, and soft cheeses. Freshness and depth are unparalleled in Napa Valley.

2 barrels produced.

Focused on regeneratively farming tiny vineyards in Napa Valley and minimalist winemaking, James and Lorenza Allen channel their global experiences to make wines with balance, substance, and soul. They believe the accents of wine are best revealed by understanding its roots.

Wanderlust drove both curious minds to a combined six universities and twenty wineries across fifteen regions in seven countries, where they learned from the wisdom of winemaking masters and honed their individual styles. This absurd amount of education and travel was punctuated by their paths crossing in France and then India. Friendship led to romance and a wedding on the vineyard one warm harvest evening. Since then, they’ve collaborated on every grape, wine, and label.

Lorenza and James farm four vineyards around Napa Valley - no tractor, no irrigation, and no disruption of the soil. They treat each vine like a bonsai and use cover crops to replenish the soil each winter. To combat climate change they employ regenerative and organic methods as well as lightweight glass, carbon-capturing natural cork, and good old-fashioned activism.

To keep the spotlight on the vineyard, they’re guided by the philosophies of spontaneous fermentation, low-extraction, moderate oak, and a generally light touch. Well-farmed fruit and careful winemaking are the keys to quality and sense of place, the Holy Grail for craft wine.

The wines labeled ‘ThereAfter’ are the results of experiments from James and Lorenza’s first vintages together with the vines and the wines - when they discovered the best approach for each vineyard and wine while working for other great wineries.

Accenti took shape years later, as the wines started to clearly reflect their influences and distinctive style. These wines tell the story of an Italian and an American using knowledge, curiosity, and respect for nature to make wine that sends you somewhere.