Blood of Gods #4 Fall/Winter 2021

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Cover-to-cover 56 newsprint pages of Wine and Metal. Reviews, interviews, features and fun. All original artwork from comic book, tattoo artists, and designers such as Mark Rudolph, Morgan Beem, Bo Bradshaw, Gaby Verdooren, and many more. Featuring musicians: Cradle Of Filth, Mortiferum, Anthrax/Butcher Babies, and, you guessed it, MANY MORE. Contributions from Master Somms Andy Myers, Doug Frost, Emily Wines, Justin Moore and Steven Washuta (that's five if you're keeping track). Features with Anthony Mueller (Wine Advocate), and, you know what... Just buy this thing already! $5.00 includes a copy of the Fall/Winter 2021 issue, Bottle Neck Tags for those special bottles of yours, Rack Card of Wineshop Recommendations, and a double-sided, fold out color poster.