Chateau Brandeau Tendax

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Winemaker: Julien Voogt

Appellation: Bordeaux, France

Grape Varieties: Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon

Importer's Comment Tendax
is a French slang word that expresses a tense situation.
Julien wanted to create a rosé with the vibrancy and tension of a white wine. In fact, the wine was named Tendax because of the tension that comes from its acidity.

Clear salmon pink hue.
silver reflection.
Aromas of rhubarb, citrus fruits and white flowers.
The attack is supple and the mouth is round and balanced with notes of grosseille and orange peel.
The finish is very fresh, with pleasant minerality and saltiness lingering.

The vines of Cateau Brandeau have been certified organic since 1993, which was almost unheard of in the Bordeaux region at this time.  The grapes are sorted twice: once in the vines and once again upon returning to the cellar.  The grapes undergo a short maceration of one week before being pressed slowly.  No sulfites were added at any stage during the vilification.  This wine could be paired with many types meat and poultry, such as cured sausage, roast pork with rosemary, grilled duck breast, and roast chicken.

Julien had the chance to take over an exquisite plot of 9.5 hectares (23.5 acres) in 2015 in the appellation of Castillon-Côtes de Bordeaux. The majority of the vines are surrounded by forest and the vines themselves have never been treated with pesticides nor herbicides. Merlot makes up 80% of the surface area, while Cabernet Franc makes up the rest. The vines have been certified organic since 1993, which would put them amongst one of the few certified organic domaines in the region at that time.

In the cellar, the wines are either aged in neutral oak or in stainless steel. In regards to the oak, Julien likes to use a 5000 liter cask so that the wine does not take on too much oak flavor. Only indigenous yeasts are used in the winemaking process, and nothing is added to the wine, other than a homeopathic dose of sulfites at bottling. The wines are neither fined nor filtered.

 Finding an organic wine from Bordeaux at these prices is rare, and we consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to share Julien's exceptional wines with you!