Domaine de Juchepie “L’Amphore de Juchepie”

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Winemaker: Eddy and Mileine Oosterlinck-Bracke

Appellation: Anjou, Loire Valley, France

Grape Varieties: Pineau d'Aunis


While Domaine de Juchepie is best known for their ethereal Chenin Blancs, they do
make a small amount of wine from Cabernet Franc and Pineau d’Aunis as well! The
grapes for this wine are destemmed, and macerate for 4 weeks before being aged in
a sandstone amphora for one year. Pineau d’Aunis has a light white pepper note to
it, along with notes of red fruits. On the palette we find a nice freshness with light
tannins and a long finish.