Domaine Milan Le Grand Blanc

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Winemaker: Henri & Theophile Milan

Appellation: Provence, France

Grape Varieties: Grenache Blanc, Rolle, Roussane, Chardonnay, Muscat Petits Grains

The wines of Henri Milan are among the favorites in the organic, and natural wine community in France (especially popular amongst the organic winemakers themselves) and we consider ourselves very fortunate to obtain his wines.  Le Grand Blanc is such a complex wine that one rarely tastes it the same way twice!  We would recommend pouring this wine into a carafe before serving to allow it to express its full potential.

Domaine Milan was created in 1956 by Robert Milan, Henri’s father. It was here that Henri planted his first vine at the age of eight. Back then, the land was devoted to conventional farming methods. This was one of the big changes that were heralded when Henri took over in 1986. The land had been spoiled by excessive synthetic chemical treatments during the 1970s and early 1980s, so it was at this point the younger Milan moved towards organic production.

The appellation of Vin De France does not allow producers to display the vintage of a wine on its label, which is why you will note Roman numerals on the bottle of Domaine Milan VDF instead. It could be said that this rebelliousness is typical of Henri Milan. He broke away from Baux De Provence AOC so that he could have more freedom to produce the wines he wanted to make.