J Brix Cobolorum Riesling Pet Nat

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Winemaker: Emily Toweled and Jody Brix Towe

Appellation: Kick on Ranch Vineyard, Los Alamos, Santa Barbara County

Grape Varieties: Riesling

We decided that in the spirit of new beginnings, Cobolorum 2020 would also mark the arrival of Cobolorum 2.0. The Naughty Goblin Bubbles return once more with joy and deliciousness – but without the heavy layer of sediment that necessitated detailed opening instructions to avoid potential eruption. Disgorged for the first time, our new-and-improved Cobolorum has a tiny whisper of sediment, a fine persistent bubble, a true-north soul, and the cheer of your baby finally sleeping through the night.

Unfined and unfiltered.  No cold stabilization; natural sediment will form upon extended refrigeration.