Kobal Bajta Blaufränkisch Rosé Pet Nat 2020

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Winemaker: Bojan Kobal

Appellation: Štajerska, Slovenia

Grape Varietal: Blaufränkisch

The terrain of the entire Štajerska region is made up of steep-sloped vineyards and narrow, wind-rich hill valleys. A diverse geological soil composition, consisting mainly of sand and clay with marl in the lower layers. The vineyards spread out over the finest wine-growing sites of Haloze Hills. 

 No irrigation. Environmentally friendly cultivation, following the integrated farming guidelines of Slovenia. 

Hand-picked grapes are allowed to “bleed” for about 4 hours. It is followed by a natural fermentation that is closely monitored by the winemaker. Once the sugar level reaches the desired level, the wine is bottled with wild microflora and continues fermenting in the bottle. 

Lively, juicy, mouthwatering, bubbly goodness! It looks cloudy, but it is bright on the inside. Strawberries, raspberries and pronounced yeastiness on the nose lead to a creamy, chewy palate with a slightly bitter finish. 

Chill it down and do not shake before opening! This wine is alive.