Laurent Family Vineyard Arrogante Sauvignon Blanc

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Winemaker: Damien Laurent

Appellation: Maipo Valley, Chile

Grape Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc

Winemaker Damien Laurent grew up among his family’s vines and the barrels at Chateau l’Escart, always tagging along as his grandfather made his way through the cellar to top up the wines.  The growing cycle of the vineyard, the bustle of harvest and the slow rhythm of the winery have always been inextricable from his sense of family and belonging.  He spent 12 years running the family business alongside his wife Lorena, a Chilean transplant who would later introduce him to the striking terroir of her homeland.  In 2008 they purchased land in the Maipo valley, establishing 4 hectares of mostly Bordelaise varieties, returning in 2013 to stay with the first meaningful harvest.  They have built the kind of family winery that has become the heart of a flourishing community, where kids grow up thinking it's a fun and totally normal autumnal activity to go foot crush grapes together with their friends.   

The Vineyard: Damien’s vineyards are located between Talagente and Isla de Maine in the heart of Maipo. He owns 4 hectares of densely planted, wire-trained vineyards established in 2008 and cultivated organically from the outset although they were only able to afford certification two years ago. The drip-irrigated vineyards are situated at ~400 m elevations with soils of clay and limestone with stones from nearby Maipo river 80-90 cm deep. The soil is gently worked 3-4 times per year and they work without any sprays, even copper or sulfur. Damien’s fruit is supplemented with a network of smaller vineyards 10 kilometers away that he helps supervise. The Winery: The Cabernet Sauvignon is harvested by hand into small bins and destemmed into predominantly steel vats with 10% going into concrete eggs and egg shaped, American-made polyethylene eggs (Flextank) for spontaneous fermentation. Pressed slightly earlier than the ‘Corrupto’ or ‘Clandestino,’ the Reserva gets about 10 days skin maceration. Damien’s grapes and the sourced grapes are fermented and aged separately and married in the Spring. Lightly filtered with sulfite added to arrive at about 30 ppm before bottling.