Mary Taylor Castilla Y León

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Winemaker: Pedro Gonzalez Mittelbrunn

Appellation: Castilla Y León, Spain

Grape Varieties: Prieto Picudo

Planted at high altitude on the barren plains of León (northwest Spain) with the Picos de Europa mountains in the background, this region was once one of the most important in Castilla y León for grape growing. Over time, vineyards have been uprooted but Leyenda de Paramo is conserving the old vines and replanting in this up-and-coming region. Soils are deep, acid, and poor, with a clay texture, mostly made up of gravel and pebbles. Pedro Gonzalez Mittelbrunn has been so committed to the local indigenous grape varietals, Prieto Picudo and Albarin, that he convinced the best wine growers to partner with him and replant these historic indigenous varietals. Some of the vines are as old as 100 years, planted in the traditional style known as “Rastra” where the branches lie on the ground. These are the only organically farmed vineyards of Prieto Picudo and Albarin in the region. Yields are low, between 25 and 40 hectoliters per hectare. El Paramo Leones is a high plain (830 meters. altitude) and close to the Cantabric mountains. Here we have extreme climate conditions, with very low rainfall (450 mm/year). The wine is cultivated to showcase the terroir. No oak and only natural yeast are used. When Pedro “Prieto Picudo” is not in the vineyards, he is teaching Viticulture & Enology at the University of León.