PARCH Spiced Piñarita Non-Alcoholic Agave Cocktail

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Lush Roasted Pineapple is combined with earthy Blue Weber Agave, juicy Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit, spicy Mole Bitters, Cocoa Extract and Desert Botanicals for an utterly unique taste.

PARCH™ is a refreshingly complex & delicious non-alcoholic adult beverage brand designed for how people drink today. Witnessing a cultural shift toward moderation, we sought to create an inclusive, mature & genuine brand that appeals to both the sober, the curious and those seeking balance. Parch offers a range of distinctive, non-alcoholic agave spirits and cocktails, inspired by the Sonoran Desert and the lush biodiversity it keeps. Each sip offers a complex taste from unique pairings of desert ingredients, based on the ethos that "what grows together, goes together". Our blend of functional herbs and desert botanicals is designed to center your mind and body like no other.