Poggio Delle Baccanti Aglianico

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Winemaker: Giovanni Baccanti

Appellation: Campania, Italy

Grape Variety: Aglianico

Located on the Bay of Naples, a few kilometers south of Pompeii, Poggio delle Baccanti is the current incarnation of the La Mura winery, founded in the fifties by Raffaele La Mura. He and his brother Paolo, sons of a winemaker, had been producing wine on their own before starting up as a “real” business. Raffaele found personal interest in the varied varieties of Campania and built La Mira around the production of Gragnano and Vesuvian wines. Over the generations, techniques were adapted and elements of the winery were modernized. 

The winery is currently run by Raffaele’s son, Giovanni and Giovanni’s nephew, also Raffaele. The younger Raffaele is the current winemaker, and both he and Giovanni are working to continue to develop the sustainable practices they practice in the vineyard and winery. Some of this focus includes preservation of typical grapes and traditional wines of the region. They currently focus on five indigenous varieties as well as the traditional wines of the Sorrento Peninsula, Vesuvius and Capri.