Poggiosecco Chianti

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Winemaker: Marco Filipello & Giuseppe Pluchino

Appellation: Tuscany, Italy

Grape Varieties: Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera

Once manually harvested, the grapes are gently destemmed and crushed and then undergo fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Frequent pumping for greater extraction of tannins and polyphenols. Clarification is done by decantation only, no fining product used. The wine then ages for 12 months in cement tanks and further 6 months in bottles before release.

A fine Chianti, bright ruby red in color, fruity yet embracing a hint of cloves. Tuscan cuisine is, naturally, the perfect accompaniment, but it will be perfect with all kinds of cold cuts, mild cheeses or grilled vegetables.

Quick Facts

Location: Between Cerreto Guidi and Vinci (Montalbano Hills), Chianti, Tuscany, Italy

Owners and Winemakers: Marco Filipello & Giuseppe Pluchino

Vineyard Area: 12 hectares, estate-owned

Vineyard Management: Certified Organic (2004) and Biodynamic (2009)

Soils: Chalk and Sandstone

Main Varieties: Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet, with supportive quantities of Malvasia, Vermentino and Canaiolo

Winemaking: reds fermented in concrete vats and aged in oak barrels, sparkling wines made with secondary fermentation in the bottle. Spontaneous fermentation only, no fining. Everything happens in accordance with biodynamic principles,
including moon phases.

Annual Production (approx.): 40,000 bottles


Fun Facts

  • Poggiosecco was founded in 1967 and has been part of the Consorzio del Chianti ever since
  • In 2001, the winery set about restructuring toward organic and biodynamic farming for both their wine and olive production
  • Marco & Guiseppe follow biodynamic principles very closely both in the vineyard and in the cellar, from respecting the calendar and moon phases through the minimal treatments and plant infusions used
  • The literal translation of Poggiosecco is ‘dry slope’, a fitting name for the
    estate’s well-drained soils
  • The Sangiovese grape variety derives its name from “the blood of Jupiter”