Repetition Coffee Costa Rica / Café Vida

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From the Director of Coffee:

Café Vida captures the classic profile of a Washed Costa Rican coffee, with up-front sweetness, mild nuttiness, and sparkling but gentle citric acidity.

This offering is "fully washed," meaning the coffee cherries are depulped, fermented, and washed clean of mucilage. Typically in Costa Rica, washed coffees are processed using a demucilaging machine, which mechanically removes the fruit material using friction instead of fermentation.

These coffees are depulped and placed in fermentation tanks for 12–24 hours, depending on the pH level of the coffee as it ferments, as well as the volume of coffee in the tank. After the fermentation period, the coffee is washed using water channels and passed through a centriflux machine, which removes the excess water and expedites the drying process. These coffees are then dried mechanically.

We found this cup to be sugary sweet with bright fruit flavors mingling with a rich dark chocolate underbelly. Enjoy!