Repetition Coffee Peru / Hernan Valle Inga

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From the Director of Coffee:

Hernan Valle Inga was born on November 2nd, 1978 in the district of
Yambrasbamba. He has been producing coffee for 22 years at Agua Blanca. Hernan
saw an opportunity with membership in Coopbam and began to focus more on the
coffee sector of his farm. Investments back into production allowed him to maintain
and upgrade equipment and also make improvements to this home and lifestyle. Coffee
is not the only fruit grown at Agua Blanca. Hernan also grows pepper, beans, corn, and
raises cattle to sell at the market.

The Coopbam Farmers Cooperative is located within the Alto Mayo protected forest. Alto Mayo spans the border between the San Martin and Amazonas departments of Northern Peru, which is home to a huge cross-section of native Peruvian wildlife as well as some of the country’s last undiscovered coffee. Alto Mayo has the ideal coffee-growing climate, with crisp cold nights and temperate days, which is evident in this sweet and juicy coffee.