Repetition Coffee Guatemala / Atitlán

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From the Director of Coffee:

Beautiful Lake Atitlán is located in San Lucas Toliman, one of the five volcanic coffee regions in Guatemala with Atitlán being the richest in organic matter. Wind stirs the cold lake waters influencing the microclimate and maintaining a humidity that hovers around 70-80%, creating a perfect recipe for coffee.

Ija’tz means “seed” in the indigenous language of the Maya Kaqchikel Tz’utuhil community who grow the coffee.  This hard-working cooperative is dedicated to environmental issues and have constructed a sequence of channels and sink holes to help manage the flow of water during the rainy season in an attempt to combat erosion caused by deforestation.

This aromatic coffee has a crisp acidity and a hearty combination of flavor notes.

We think that you’ll love the tasty combination of fruity grape, hints of vanilla, with a fudge underbelly.