Sardinha: Sardine in Vinegar Sauce (Escabeche)

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Our preserves are an exclusive product due to their originality and exceptional quality. Sardines are fished in an artisanal way, selected one by one and prepared by hand. We only use fresh fish that we cook by steaming according to the traditional pre-cooked method.

Ingredients : sardines (min. 70%), sunflower oil, cider vinegar, paprika and salt.

Natural source of fatty acids.

Net weight: 120g
Drained weight: 85g

Produced in Portugal.

Mediterran Food & Beverage Lda, founded in 2007, is dedicated to the promotion, internationalization and commercialization of products directly linked to the Mediterranean lifestyle, one of the most appreciated in the world. It is synonymous with lightness and relaxation. Wisdom and tradition.

Good weather, good food and, of course, healthy and natural products.

Portugal, in the good Mediterranean tradition, preserves its strong agricultural vocation and products with high quality and diversity standards. That is why all products represented and distributed by Mediterran are always of Portuguese origin.

Color, aroma and flavor are senses that, nowadays, few food products awaken. Portuguese products are certainly in this restricted group. Ours strive for excellence.