Sfera Litro Rosso 2020

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Winemaker: Sfera

Appellation: Olrepò Pavese, Casteggio, Italy

Grape Varieties: Uva Rara, Barbera, Croatina, Pinot Nero, Riesling Renano

From the Alps to the Mediterranean, SFERA is a collaboration with small certified-organic farmers to bottle Liters in limited runs. 

Fermentation together; 8 days on the skins, with a wetting of the cap twice a day. No clarification or filtration

A slightly chilled down liter bottle with a crown cap is just the thing for an apertivo or an impromptu dinner. We’ve been searching for the right PortoVino producer for Italian liters for a while: we knew we wanted something glou-glou, something with buckets of low alcohol deliciousness, yet not in that international glou-glou style where the soil, grape, and terroir gets washed out.

Sfera’s at once terroir-driven, but also an interesting take on liters, and bottling wine in general. As Sfera says on their quirky site: Cosmic Verve in a Grounded Italian Liter…From the Alps to the Mediterranean.  Sfera collaborates with multiple small certified-organic farmers to bottle liters in limited runs, and are keen to give the producer credit by clearly putting the winery’s name and providence on the back label.  So,  Sfera Litro Rosso bottled with Barbera grapes from Monferrato, could become Sfera Litro Rosso with Nero d’Avola from Noto from a specific certified organic producer. The front label of Sfera Rosso / Rosato / Macerato / Bianco all stays the same, but the back label with the producer and providence change. What doesn’t change is that the wines are naturally made, and fall into certain guidelines that lab tested before and after bottling.

These are not only great introduction to natural wines, they are also great introduction to Italian grape varieties and growing areas.