Ugo Contini Bonacossi Ughetto Toscana Rosso

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Winemaker: Ugo Contini Bonacossi

Appellation: Tuscany, Italy

Grape Variety: sangiovese, ciliegiolo e canaiolo, piccola percentuale di colorino

Considering my love and respect for the environment, it was no surprise that I’d be drawn to the natural wine movement with its philosophy to avoid unnecessary interventions and invasive oenological practices. I have always maintained that the main ingredient in making a good wine is first and foremost a careful management of the vineyards. The same counts for the vinification and refinement of the wines, because “turning a wine made from healthy grapes into a bad one would be really hard work.” I’m deeply convinced that the grapes grown in this way already have all the fundamental characteristics to create a great wine.

Hence, I decided to plant the white grape varieties at “Bandita” and the red ones at the “Vignali” plots of land. These are areas historically suited for the respective types of grapes. And I only chose native Tuscan grape varieties out of respect for the centuries-old traditions of the Rocchigiano territory.

For the same reasons, we farm organically, and during vinification we rely on native yeasts or spontaneous fermentations without added sulphites; no clarification nor use of oenological adjuvants; and we don’t add sulphur dioxide or anything else when bottling.

We use lightweight bottles to reduce the environmental impact related to the consumption of glass, and screw caps which guarantee an integral and flawless produce while diminishing the use of cork.