Derrumbes Michoacan Mezcal

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Mezcalero: Guadalupe Perez

Appellation: Michoacán, Mexico

Varieties: Alto, Cupreata, Inaequidens 

Derrumbes Michoacan is made with maguey Cupreata, which brings mature fruit aromas, and maguey Alto (agave Inaequidens) which brings more herbal notes. It is cooked in an underground stone pit using black oak, and fermented in underground tanks lined with pine wood which adds to the herbal character. True to the tradition of mezcal production in this area, Derrumbes Michoacan is distilled using the Phillipino method, which predates copper-pot distillation. This technique requires the body of the still to be made from wood, with the alcohol vapors condensed by a copper pot full of water that sits at the top of the trunk. This process adds to the unique character of Derrumbes Michoacan, which after distillation is around 45% ABV. It is rested in large glass bottles before the final bottling.

From Oaxaca to Michoacan and beyond, Derrumbes bottles many varieties of mezcal that are made using different agave and production methods. They have spirits from different states in Mexico, and they bottle some very small producers that are not available elsewhere.