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Winemaker: Kate Joanna Norris

Appellation: Applegate Valley, Oregon

Grape Varieties: Grenache

Kate is so honored that her personal wine project, Gamine Wines, has been so well received, compelling her to keep making the wines that are influenced by the regions, styles and varieties that her mother, Sylviane loves and drinks! (Think Champagne down to the Rhone!) 

Kate partners with grower Herb Quady on her Mae’s Vineyard Syrah. Herb grew up in the family of the famed Quady Winery in California’s Central Valley, and later became the vineyard manager for Randall Graham’s Bonny Doon wine empire, before coming north to southern Oregon with his sights on applying organic farming techniques to a region with mostly undiscovered vineyard potential. His Mae’s Vineyard block slopes southeast into the Applegate Valley in what can only be said as one of the prettiest spots we’ve seen in the state. Loamy/clay and marine sediment overlay sits on top of a large granite slab (yes granite!), which makes this a truly distinctive site to work with.

The influence of carbonic maceration on this wine is clear on the nose, which is Beaujolais-esque and puts us in mind of the kinship between Gamay and Grenache. Spicy, with a hint of smoke, the nose offers Vermouth or Amaro-like bitter herbs. The palate is juicy, bright, balanced, and squeaky clean. All similarity to Gamay disappears on the palate, which is full of plums and sweet, earthy, dark berries. While the wine has some of the warm, robust characteristics of Grenache, it’s crafted with a light touch overall shows no alcohol heat whatsoever. It’s also devoid of any funky carbonic flavors; it’s totally crushable, should be served chilled, with friends and a picnic, and drunk with great gusto.