Fabrizio Vella Bianco IGP NonFiltrato

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Winemaker: Fabrizio Vella

Appellation: Sicily, Italy

Grape Variety: Catarratto

Winemaker Fabrizio Vella takes inspiration from his Sicilian home, creating wines that reflect his deep connection to where he comes from. He works with the native catarratto and nero d’Avola grapes using an organic approach. Vineyards are located at an elevation of 350-450m, taking advantage of cooler night temperatures to maintain freshness. Grapes are harvested by hand with yields naturally restricted by the challenging climatic conditions. After its initial pressing, the wine is fermented in large acacia barrels, before undergoing malolactic fermentation in stainless steel for 14 days. 100% catarratto, this is crisp and refreshing, with snappy Granny Smith apple, ripe honeydew, and tropical fruit flavors. Tangy and textural, with a hint of citrus pith on the finish, it is wonderfully thirst quenching with chickpea soup or fried seafood. Certified organic, vegan.