Fidencio Ensamble Mezcal

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Mezcalero: Enrique Jiménez

Appellation: Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca

Agave Varieties:  Tepextate, Madrecuixe, Espadín

In 2016 a friend of Enrique reach out with an amazing offer. They had an abundance of mature Tepextate from their pulque farm to the east. We used it for two batches a Tepextate and our first Ensamble.

The Espadín is from our farm, 10-11 years old with an average brix of 33-35. The Tepextate is cultivated, harvested at 13-15 years old with an average brix of 22- 24. The Madrecuixe is wild from the San Baltazar Guelavila region, 12-15 years old with brix levels from 20- 23.

Made with Espadín, Madrecuixe and Tepextate in equal parts. Co-roasted, crushed, fermented and distilled. Produced in May 2016 and rested in the bottle for three years before release. The batch yield was 675 liters at 50.3% ABV

Fidencio Mezcal has four generations of knowledge and they use their own estate grown agave. Fabrica de Amigo del Mezcal is the name of the distillery/palenque that produces Fidencio Mezcal. Fidencio Jiménez, the namesake for Fidencio Mezcal, started making mezcal over 100 years ago when he moved to Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. He began to live the life of a Mezcalero, learning from peers and by trial-and-error. He worked closely with his son Enrique to perfect their craft and to pass down their knowledge to the next generation. In those days, even the equipment was from the land: clay pots for fermentation, distillation & storage and river reeds for tubing.

For more information on the Jimenez family, read The Story of Isaac Jimenez by Alvin Starkman (owner of Mezcal Educational Excursions of Oaxaca). Fidencio is made by the same family that produces El Buho. Due to the artisanal nature of their mezcal, the ABV may vary slightly between batches.