Foradori Teroldego 2018

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Winemaker: Elizabetta Foradori

Appellation: Vigneti dell Dolomiti, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy

Grape Varieties: Teroldego

A long time favorite!  Elizabetta is making wines that exemplify the core principles of this here shop.  Bursting with cherry and leather; a perfect wine for the season.

When a healthy farming method consents a grapevine to express itself in its entirety, the fruit that is born from it will be an expression of authenticity.

The quality of the wine we produce will be apparent through its vitality.
To preserve the vital forces of the original fruit throughout the transformation from grape into wine, evokes a perception of its birthplace in the wine as well as to whom drinks it; it enters in harmony with the food and creates a wholesome drink that gives a sense of wellbeing.

We do not intervene in the winery; nothing is added, but we guide the wine while paying attention to its needs. Thus, the wine keeps an expressive spontaneity and bears the personality of its intense and live raw material.

In this way, we seem to bring into the wineglass the fragrance of the flowers from the mountain pastures, the minerality of the surrounding cliffs, the transparency of the mountain skies, the character of the people that live in these alpine valleys. 

It is our duty to convey with each bottle the character of the land of Trentino.

In the winery, fermentation takes place in different containers in which the wine is also aged.

The acacia and oak wood of the casks and open-top tanks is alive: leaving traces of itself, it takes part in the transformation process and guides the wine through time, supporting it.

The clay of the tinajas gives full freedom of expression to the grapes and gives the wine the chance to reconnect to the earth. These containers are strongly energetic: their broad and elongated shape welcomes and embraces; the clay from which they are made has the property to link the cosmic to the terrestrial forces.

The cement containers help with their thermal inertia; even stainless steel has a role in our winery and remains as a witness to our past.

We use indigenous yeasts and have no temperature control during fermentation.

We do not add sulphites until after the first racking, which doesn’t usually take place until 6-8 months after drawing from the skins. In this way, the bottled wine will contain at most 30mg/L sulphur dioxide. All our wines are bottled without filtration.

-Elizabetta Foradori