Fred Jerbis Fernet 750ml

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This fernet is a tribute to Italian tradition, but with a surprising personality. A bitter part given by rhubarb and a fresh flavour, due to mint. The brief aging in chestnut barrels serves to accentuate the stringent, almost sapid, note. The color is deep amber, given by the extractions of the plants used. The taste is rich and herbaceous, with intense and round notes; free of dyes and with a very low percentage of sugar.

ProDuction: there are three extractive methods: cold maceration of dried herbs, hot maceration (digestion) steam distillation.

ingreDients: 25 botanicals of Italian origin, including the classic ones: mint, saffron, chamomile, licorice, savory, orange, rhubarb and naturally gentian.

color: Amber with natural reddish shades given by the color of the plants.

smell: Classic nose scent of mint, with a typical touch of rhubarb and licorice.

tAste: Rich and herbaceous, balanced by the passage in chestnut cask, but above all an alcohol degree suitable to develop the many intense and round bittering notes. Spicy, but at the same time rich and delicate scent. In the final the most classic notes of gentian, but without being intrusive.

AftertAste/Aftersmell: Bitter full, slightly pungent, but with a clean aftertaste

comBinAtions: In addition to the classic after dinner proposal, it’s a fundamental ingredient in the great cocktails of the past