Grand Pre Beaujolais Blanc

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Winemaker: Romain Zordain

Appellation: Beaujolais, France

Grape Variety: Chardonnay

Romain Zordain took over half of the family vineyards in 2012, the other half going to his talented cousin Yann Bertrand.  Now certified organic since full conversion in 2009, Romain and his parents farm 8 hectares of old vines in Fleurie and Morgon.  There is new life in Fleurie and Romain is squarely at the front of the pack, making fabulous, juice-driven wines that are a joy to drink and age exceptionally.

Romain works with natural yeasts and is a master of the new-school of long, cool carbonic macerations favoured by Chauvet, Foillard and Lapierre amongst others.
The Chardonnay for this cuvée comes from Romain's friends vineyard in Blacé