Henri Milan S&X

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Winemaker: Henri and Théo Milan

Appellation: Provence, France

Grape Varieties: Grenache

The wines of Henri Milan are among the favorites in the organic, and natural wine community in France (especially popular amongst the organic winemakers themselves) and we consider ourselves very fortunate to obtain his wines.  After harvest, the grapes underwent a short maceration of 5 days before being transferred to old oak barrels for one year before bottling.  Upon opening, the initial spiciness eventually makes way to a nose reminiscent of raspberries and blackcurrant.  This wine would pair well with a number of different courses with meat, such as steak tartare, roast ham wrapped in puff pastry, roast lamb shoulder, or roast rabbit.

Henri Milan has been producing organic wines since 1988, only two years after he took over the land from his father Robert. This is far before the recent surge in organic production over the last few years (and still only 9% of France's winemakers are making organic wine today!). Biodynamic principles are followed in their winemaking as well.

Domaine Milan possesses an exceptional climate due to the combination of their proximity to the Mediterranean with relatively cool temperatures. The soil is a combination of limestone and marl. The parcels are vinified separately, in the same spirit as many of the great winemakers of Burgundy. There is nothing added to the wines in the form of additives, enzymes, or non-indigenous yeasts. They do not add sulfites to many of the wines, and use only a scant amount in those wines that contain them.

Domaine Milan's wines are favorites amongst France's organic wine community. We are proud to be able to feature some of Henri Milan's wines for you!

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