JH Meyer Wines Palmiet Chardonnay 2017

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Winemaker: JH Meyer (Stompie)

Appellation: Palmiet Vineyard, Elgin, South Africa

Grape Varieties: Chardonnay

Elgin is one of the naturally coolest vineyard locations in South Africa. Its altitude (1,650 – 2,300 feet above sea level is considerably higher than the 975 – 1,300 feet of Stellenbosch) benefits the grapes through naturally lower temperatures and higher rainfall. There is greater cloud cover (due to the manner in which clouds form as the air rises over the mountains from the coast and condenses into rainfall). What’s more, in winter, Elgin benefits from much cooler temperatures than Stellenbosch or elsewhere and consequently the vines enter into a deeper dormancy state, resulting in better rest which, in-turn, enhances the longevity of the vine and supports general vine health. To cut a long story short, thanks to these unique natural attributes, Elgin has emerged as a wonderful, naturally- favorable location for producing among the finest aromatic white wines in the country.

The grapes were handpicked in the early morning hours in mid-February and placed into very small boxes reducing compaction and damage to the fruit. The bunches were then hand sorted on a sorting table. One-third of the grapes were fermented whole-bunch for eight days and then pressed to fourth fill 500L puncheons. The remaining grapes were whole bunch pressed direct to similar barrels for fermentation. All ferments are carried out naturally and élevage is carried out over twelve months. Battonage was imparted sporadically to give richer texture and greater complexity. It was bottled without fining, filtration or added sulfur.