Joao Tavares Rufia Rose

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Winemaker: João Tavares

Appellation: Vinho do Portugal

Grape Varieties: 60% Rufete, 40% Touriga Nacional

Rustic, spicy and tangy, with a slight celery salt note on the nose. High acid, refreshing, lots of apples and asian pear on the nose too.

The vineyards are not certified organic, but we are farmed under organic and sustainable practices, such as use of copper and sulfur. Flowers and herbs such as chamomile act as fungus repellent. The winery is covered in photovoltaic cells; making us a net exporter of electricity and our wines carbon neutral.

Soil Type(s): Beyond the old granitic soils, this vineyard has also plots with even older origin due to marine sediments, from 500 million years ago, which originated shale clayey rocks soils.

Manually harvested in 15kg boxes then the grapes are co-fermented on the same day. Wine spends no time on the skins! The free run juice spontaneously ferments in open, non-temp controlled stainless steel tanks for 7 days. Then it is aged on the lees for 8-9 months before being bottled unfiltered.

João will tell you all he needs to make wine is grapes, water to clean his equipment and a touch of sulfur at bottling. He rarely uses products in the vineyard, and when he does he only uses topical organic treatments. In today’s world, this is about as minimal as it gets. João isn’t following a natural wine trend. This is how he and his father have always done it. His wine is proof that a deliciously powerful wine can be naturally made, and this wine is a perfect example of the kind of wine João makes.