Breaking Bread Marmalade Orange Wine

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Winemaker: Erik Miller

Appellation: Dry Creek Valley, California

Grape Varieties: Muscat Blanc

This is the inaugural vintage of a skin-contact white wine for Breaking Bread and is the type of wine that inspired me to start this label. To be able to take risks and play with unique styles of wine and winemaking is the driving force of Breaking Bread. Skin fermented white wines can vary dramatically depending on the varietal used. I have worked with the Timber Crest Muscat Blanc for 10 years, although I have never done a skin contact fermentation with it before. In using this varietal, I knew that the aromatics would be profound, however wanted to ensure that the tannin structure and mouthfeel would be in balance.
This fruit was left on skins for a total of ten days. It was destemmed into the fermenter bin with zero sulfur added and we let the native yeast build up a population, which took about five days. From there we allowed it to go another five days fermenting on skins. Keeping the phenolic nature of Muscat Blanc grape skins in mind, I was cautious about how long to leave on skins and am very happy with the result.