La Luna Ensamble Mezcal

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Mezcalero: Isidro Perez Escot

Appellation: Michoacán, Mexico

Varieties: Cupreata, Tequilana

La Luna Ensamble is crafted with two agaves that are native to the state of Michoacan. Many do not realize that Michoacan is included in the Denomination of Origin for Tequila. Due to this, Tequilana Blue Weber agave is abundantly grown in the vibrant soils of Michoacan. This ensamble is 70% Cupreata and 30% Tequilana.  The cooked agave is milled by hand and naturally fermented in open-air  wooden vats before being double distilled in a copper and pinewood Tarascan still. Due to the artisinal nature of this mezcal, the ABV will vary by batch.

La Luna Mezcal is made in Etucuaro, Michoacan. Tucked away in this mountainous region is the municipality of Villa Madero, which is the home to the Perez Escot family and Destiladora Las Azucenas.  The family has been traditionally crafting mezcal on the same property since 1910 and is currently on their 4th generation of mezcaleros with Isidro Perez Escot training his son Amador at the moment.